By joining EVIA, your organisation will be at the forefront of European policy making, successfully confronting regulatory challenges which will impact your business. EVIA represents the views of the European ventilation industry in the Brussels arena, sharing your expertise with EU decision makers in order to successfully contribute to and shape European policy.

The ventilation industry is faced with new regulatory changes. Energy efficiency and indoor air quality are the most critical of them and they provide both challenges and opportunities.

EVIA is particularly active on Energy efficiency and Eco-design legislation and is willing to bring valuable contribution to European decision-makers in a cooperative and sustained manner.

A Membership driven association

Our members are the veins and the blood of EVIA. They have a key role in shaping the strategies and positions of the association on all the regulatory issues that EVIA is following. All members get direct access to the 4 Working Groups (Vantilation 2030, Residential, Non-residential, Fans) to which they can directly participate and contribute.

In short, EVIA membership brings the following benefits:

  • Direct contribution to EVIA’s policy and strategy by participating and voting in the working groups, providing direct input on position papers, press releases, etc.
  • Participation in meetings with leading EU officials on issues that matter to our industry;
  • Up-to-date and timely political intelligence through flash updates and a monthly EU newsletter on latest regulatory developments
  • Unrestricted access to our intranet

Download our brochure “Ventilation at a Glance”  to learn about EVIA and also download our brochure to make your national association’s voice hear in the EU.


To apply for membership, please contact Jean-Christophe Kremer at

Candidate organisations become member of EVIA once their application is approved by the Steering Committee and upon payment of their membership fee.

Please download the EVIA membership application form – 2019 and contact us if you have any questions.