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Boosting Indoor Air Quality in buildings: let’s keep up the momentum!



Boosting Indoor Air Quality in buildings: let’s keep up the momentum!

Brussels, 17 April 2018: EVIA, representing the European Ventilation Industry, welcomes the adoption of the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), which is a major first step in recognizing the crucial importance of indoor air quality in buildings for citizens’ health, comfort and productivity but regrets that the key role of ventilation in that respect is not being fully acknowledged.

Russell Patten, EVIA Secretary General, said: “One in six Europeans lives in unhealthy buildings and 2 million healthy years are lost in the EU every year due to poor indoor air quality. We are therefore pleased to see that the European Union is starting to recognize the crucial importance of indoor air quality”.

EVIA advocates for an EPBD framework that drives the much needed changes and improvements in the existing building stock and promote systems and solutions that result in high indoor air quality, low energy consumption and consumers’ empowerment.

“We regret that co-legislators finally decided not to set mandatory inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems at this stage. This would have ensured the optimal performance of these systems, improved indoor air quality, tapped into the huge energy savings potential of the existing building stock and raised awareness among consumers on optimized behaviors” says Joan Miro, EVIA Chairman.

EVIA will work with the Commission and Member States to ensure that the new EPBD rules are properly implemented and looks forward to engage with stakeholders and decision-makers in the context of the feasibility study clarifying the possibilities and timeline to introduce the inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems.



For additional information, please contact us at secretariat@zl31wzvpi.preview.infomaniak.website, tel: +32 (0) 2 732 70 40


About EVIA:

The European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA) was established in Brussels in July 2010. EVIA’s mission is to represent the views and interests of the ventilation industry and serve as a platform between all the relevant European stakeholders involved in the ventilation sector, such as decision-makers at the EU level as well as our partners in EU Member States.

Our membership is composed of more than 35 member companies and 6 national associations across Europe, realising an annual turnover of over 7 billion euros and employing more than 45,000 people in Europe.

EVIA aims to promote highly energy efficient ventilation applications across Europe, with high consideration for health and comfort aspects. Fresh and good indoor air quality is a critical element of comfort and contributes to keeping people healthy in buildings.

Check our website: www.evia.eu