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EUREKA Roadshow event in Italy highlights necessary actions to adapt to needs of future generations

The EUREKARoadshow made a first stop in Italy for a half-day conference which debated howthe HVACR industry can adapt to the challenges of the future. The event addressedtwo topical areas which are close to the hearts of both consumers and industryand offer which great opportunities for HVACR technologies, namely buildingsand the cold chain.

Brussels,September 2017 – After the success of EUREKA 2016 in The Hague last December, EPEE and EVIA launched the “EUREKA roadshow”, a series of events taking place at the national level to discuss the challenges industry faces at country level. Our inaugural roadshow event took place on 15 September in Venice, Italy, involving 70 participants from industry, academia, and civil society.

The event wassponsored by CAREL and Ziehl-Abegg and supported by Centro Studi Galileo.

“EPEE and EVIAare committed to helping industry prepare for the future and respond to theneeds and expectations of future customers,” stated the Director General ofEPEE, Andrea Voigt.

AxelDiepolder, Vice-Chairman of the EVIA Steering Committee, said: “We weredelighted to hold our first national EUREKA event in Italy, which is a keymarket for HVACR technologies and therefore a great place to discusstechnological innovation, energy efficiency, and comfort.”

Participantsdiscussed how the HVACR sector can ensure sustainability and comfort in thelong term for the benefit of citizens, as well as how policies can bring aboutsustainable change. Panellists agreed that challenges such as climate change,the Internet of Things, and urbanisation shape the environment in which HVACRindustry operates and offer great opportunities for HVACR technologies,provided they are continuously adapted to the complex and ever-changingcontext.

Several strong trends emerged from the discussions, such as the necessity to promote buildings that achieve high indoor air quality, low energy consumption, and consumer empowerment. “Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration technologies are in all aspects of every day’s life and panelists made very clear that there is no technology gap – solutions are available, and the industry is ready to meet the challenges of the future in a sustainable way” emphasised Juergen Goeller, Chairman of the EPEE Steering Committee.

However, a supportive policy framework with proper enforcement, a coordinated approach,consumer education and involvement, as well as vocational training is needed for the HVACR sector to deliver its full potential.

RussellPatten, Secretary General of EVIA, concluded “Each EUREKA event demonstrateshow essential the HVACR sector is to our daily lives. We look forward tocontinuing the discussion during EUREKA 2017 in Berlin in December, where wewill further explore how we can make a difference to people and ensure futuregenerations – “Generation Z” – inhabit a comfortable, clean and safe environment.”



Heating,Cooling, Ventilation – sustainable technologies for a better life isthe guiding theme of EUREKA, a new series of conferences entirely dedicated tothe role of the HVACR sector for society and future generations.

Forthe second year in a row, EPEE and EVIA will host on 11-12 December in Berlin ahigh-level conference bringing together NGOs, academia, decision-makers, andindustry professionals across the HVACR value chain to brainstorm, buildbridges, and positively impact our daily environment.

Please find more information on EUREKAwebsite: www.eureka-hvacr.eu