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EVIA congratulates the European Parliament on a historic vote for improved Indoor Environmental Quality in Buildings


EVIA, a leading advocate for the mechanical ventilation industry and indoor air quality, congratulates the European Parliament, and particularly Rapporteur Ciarán Cuffe, on the successful adoption of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) in its final vote on March 12, 2024.

This landmark decision marks a significant milestone in advancing the health and well-being of millions of EU citizens. Notably, the EPBD includes important provisions and new requirements on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), a historic first in EU legislation.

After over two years of work on the revision of the EPBD, today’s adoption of the finalised text by the European Parliament consists in a very significant milestone on the road to achieving a fully healthy and energy-efficient building stock.” said Pierre Cruveillé, EVIA’s Vice-President

The inclusion of IEQ requirements represents a significant improvement in building regulation, ensuring that buildings across the European Union prioritise the health and comfort of occupants. By addressing key factors such as ventilation rates, humidity, and presence of contaminants, the EPBD sets a new standard for sustainable and healthy building practices.

EVIA commends the European Parliament for its leadership in recognising the importance of IEQ and taking decisive action to incorporate it into the EPBD. This commitment to enhancing indoor environments will have far-reaching benefits, from improving productivity and cognitive function to reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses and other health issues.

As an association dedicated to indoor air quality, we look forward to supporting the ambitious implementation of these groundbreaking provisions to ensure their successful integration into building practices across all EU Member States.