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EVIA feedback on the Energy Efficiency First Principle: Financial Aspects


EVIA welcomes the opportunity to continue to contribute to the development of the European Commission’s guidelines on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency First (EE1) principle. We note that the consultation in question is targeted at actors in the financial sector from the perspective of integrating EE1 into financing processes and using the principle to develop new financial products.

Nevertheless, EVIA notes that the first two questions in the consultation questionnaire are more generic. As such, a contribution from the perspective of an association representing manufacturers of ventilation units/systems as a Technical Building Systems (TBS) in the built environment, represents valuable input for framing the discussion on financial processes and products.

In this submission, EVIA therefore provides input on the following questions:

  1. Do you support ring-fencing of EU funding to energy efficiency and if yes are there critical market segments to be addressed specifically?
  2. Should the EE1st principle be part of EU funding eligibility criteria, or only be reflected in relevant selection criteria?