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EVIA hosts lively discussion on indoor air quality


“You can choose what you eat, you can choose what you drink but you cannot choose the air you breathe”said Roberta Savli, from the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Association at the occasion of yesterday seminar hosted by the European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA). With this statement the speaker illustrated the importance of a key topic too often ignored by citizens and policy makers.

The event entitled “Indoor Air Quality in energy efficient buildings” brought together representatives from industry, the EU Institutions, and other stakeholders, and provided an informal setting for open debate.

Efficient ventilation systems can do so much to boost indoor air quality, but to do so we absolutely need appropriate legislation at the EU level – this is not a chance to be missed!” said Claus Haendel, EVIA Technical Secretary.

“As EVIA, we have high hopes that the upcoming review of the European Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) will be the catalyst for change by improving indoor air quality across the EU. We therefore support the Commission in its work, and are ready to provide them with any assistance they require.”

The event was also welcomed by EVIA Director General Russell Patten, who said: “Yesterday’s seminar demonstrated the many ideas and proposals amongst industry representatives. The challenge now is to bring them to fruition.”

Laurent Deleersnyder, Policy Officer in the European Commission’s Energy Directorate, shared the European Commission’s views on the topic. He highlighted several options the Commission is considering to improve IAQ, from leaving this issue to EU Member States as is the case today, to more binding provisions on reporting on IAQ.

Speaking on behalf of BEAMA, the British trade association for electrical infrastructure products, Kelly Butler gave a presentation on the campaign My Health My Home, an awareness raising campaign on the importance of IAQ. Thanks to the Healthy Home Barometer, 8.000 British citizens were able to assess their risk to have a Toxic Home Syndrome. In the context of this campaign, BEAMA collaborated successfully with several charities and allergy or health groups.

Finally, Roberta Savli from the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients’ Associations shared the patient’s perspective of the issue. The speaker indicated that there was a 50% higher risk of allergy due to low ventilation rates. Poor indoor air quality is also the cause of 9% decrease of productivity. Roberta Savli called for increased patients’ participation in decisions influencing their health like it was done in the UK, a call very much welcomed by EVIA.

EVIA looks forward to continuing its engagement with EU decision-makers and other stakeholders in the coming months and to playing a participatory role in the legislative process.


About EVIA

The European Ventilation Industry Association EVIA was established in July 2010 inorder to represent the ventilation industry both in Brussels with the EU institutions and relevant stakeholders and in the national capitals with our partners. EVIA takes the view that the ventilation sector can bring a valuable contribution to the energy efficiency targets set by the EU as well as promoting a further harmonisation of national product approval processes towards common European standards.