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EVIA statement to the ITRE vote on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive


We welcome the successful ITRE Committee vote on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). The ventilation industry particularly congratulates the Rapporteur Ciarán Cuffe and the Shadows for their long and intensive work over the last months, which was reflected in the vote of this very important recast.

Indeed, buildings account for approximately 40% of the EU’s overall energy consumption and for 36 % of the EU’s overall emissions of greenhouse gas. A push for the reduction of the energy consumption of buildings, as proposed in the EPBD, is therefore highly welcomed.

To this end, we take the view that the ventilation sector can contribute to the attainment of the energy efficiency targets set by the EU. Demand control and heat recovery in ventilation systems, for instance, avoid large heat losses in buildings and therefore contribute to improving their overall energy performance. Adequately implemented ventilation systems lower the energy needs of buildings and therefore offer significant cost savings to individuals, as well as companies and governments.

Moreover, these technologies enable to improve the indoor air quality of buildings. Europeans spend 90% of their time indoors where most of the pollutants are generated and the air quality is the poorest, we very much welcome the ambition of the European Parliament’s intention to consider Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) alongside energy performance in the EPBD. This is a necessity to safeguard the health of European citizens but also the integrity of buildings.

We would like to reiterate its commitment to working with co-legislators and looks forward to supporting them in the trilogue phase. After this important step taken by the European Parliament Committee, it is now up to the Member States to ensure the objective of a healthy and carbon neutral buildings stock is attained.