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Fans Market Surveillance Guidance Document: Eco-design Regulations for Fans – Regulation (EU) 327/2011


Produced by EVIA to assist Market Surveillance Authorities

This document has been produced by the European fan industry to assist manufacturers, importers, customers, end-users, and market surveillance authorities. It could be used to monitor and enforce the eco-design requirements for fans. The requirements are detailed in European Commission Regulation (EU) 327/2011 (DG Energy, 2011) and is supported by the Commission’s FAQ document (DG Energy, 2018). The document is also intended to help the fan industry in meeting its requirements, and to ensure a competitive level playing field in the delivery of energy efficient fans that contribute to the EU’s decarbonisation ambitions.

The scope of the eco-design regulation for fans is from small fans, with 125 W input that can fit into a jacket pocket and cost tens of Euros, to large ones with power inputs of 500 kW input that weigh many tonnes and cost tens of thousands of Euros.

The document recognises the technical and financial burden placed on Member States in monitoring and enforcing the regulation. It proposes a seven-tiered approach from simple inspection of the product label through to a full independent analysis by a third-party body.

The fan industry does not agree to in-situ measurement of fan performance to assess eco-design criteria. It is not usually technically possible to establish the conditions to determine the necessary criteria.

EVIA’s intention with this document is to provide a guide to help market surveillance in making a risk assessment or as a screening tool to decide whether or not to test. The tiered approach can be summarised as:

  • Review of the Product Rating Plate
  • An inspection of the manufacturer’s eco-design documentation
  • A plausibility check
  • Third party certified quality management system
  • A review of the product testing documentation and type testing results
  • A physical verification by Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) at the manufacturer’s facility
  • Purchase a product and third party assess

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