EVIA takes the view that the ventilation sector can effectively contribute to the energy efficiency targets set by the EU. Indeed, comfort ventilation is an “enabler” for the air-tight Zero-Energy-House that the EU needs to carry out as part of its aim to reach 27% or greater energy efficiency by 2030.

EVIA considers the use of electricity in terms of investment rather than in terms of expense. Heat recovery and Demand Control in ventilation systems for instance can result in avoiding large heat losses in buildings and therefore contribute to the overall energy performance of a building. For example, households can save up to 30% of their heating costs by using energy-efficient ventilation products – products that reuse the heat contained in waste air.

In addition to offering significant cost savings, ventilation can also contribute to better health and provide improved living and working environments.

In addition to contributing to better health and providing improved living and working environments, ventilation also contributes to the fulfillment of the EU 2030 energy and climate targets:

  • A 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels;
  • At least a 27% share of renewable energy consumption;
  • At least 27% energy savings compared with the business-as-usual scenario.

Heat recovery in ventilation systems can for instance result in avoiding large heat losses in buildings, therefore contributing to the overall energy performance of a building and allowing households to save up to 30% of their heating costs.

Ventilation cuts across various legislative measures and EVIA closely cooperates with decision-makers and stakeholders to provide knowledge and views on European policy and legislation impacting the ventilation sector.

EVIA also raises awareness at EU and national level about the need for strong Market Surveillance across Europe. A proper implementation of and compliance with EU legislation will prevent market distortions, protect consumers, and help fulfilling climate and energy objectives.

To unleash the energy savings potential of the ventilation sector, EVIA focuses in particular of the following pieces of EU legislation (non-exhaustive and non-definitive list):

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